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greg teasing sherlock and john

greg slipping innuendo into conversations and making them blush

greg asking awkward questions like ‘when are you two getting married?’ to see them sweat

greg holding an epic joint bachelors party for both of them

greg clapping louder than anyone at the wedding while trying to hide his red eyes and wet cheeks

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Irene Adler may be Sherlock’s “evil twin,” but John Watson is the Yang to his Yin. They create a perfect balance when they work together, and as partners they are highly efficient. When Irene has John kidnapped so she can confront him in an abandoned building (actually the Battersea Power Station), she accuses him of jealousy. “Once and for all, in anyone still cares, I am not gay!” John protests. “I am,” Irene reminds him, “Where does that leave us?” she asks honestly. John clearly loves Sherlock - or else he would not threaten Irene into telling his friend the truth about her whereabouts. He does not want Sherlock to continue to pine for the woman he thinks is dead and threatens to track Adler wherever she goes until she stops toying with his friend. That neither of them is sexually involved with Sherlock does not lessen the depth of their feelings for him.
Perhaps the love that fans most enjoy watching, if fan fiction and web commentaries are reliable indicators, is that between Sherlock and John. To Cumberbatch, this warehouse confrontation between Irene and John is the most loving scene of all. “It says everything about their relationship, what the love is, the care is…. It’s everything they don’t say to each other but [John] can say to [Irene] thinking that he’s not there. That’s where the romance is a remarkably British affair, it’s remarkably understated subtlety and nuance.”
Benedict Cumberbatch: in Transition by Lynnette Porter (via sherolck)
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John is a puppy.

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#this man and his facial expression represent the whole fandom

fandom man is my spirit animal.

“Oh your so cute Sherlock did you know your not-boyfriend thinks he’s heterosexual?”

I love how the barman and his partner are like two sides to John: one is a manly Scotsman who wears plaid shirts and whom most would assume is heterosexual to look (based on cultural stereotypes), the other is a short confident blond who is more stereotypically gay and works in a skilled profession. 

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  • Transwoman Sherlock being fucking fab and walking on crime scenes while wearing high heels 
  • Transwoman Sherlock reacting to transmisogyny/transphobia by going for the throat and telling every embarrassing detail of the asshole who abused her
  • Transwoman Sherlock not being always feminine and sometimes wearing no makeup and flat shoes for cases but knowing it doesn’t make her less than a woman
  • Sally Donovan disapproving of Sherlock’s behaviour on crime scenes but never, ever misgendering her while doing so and calling out those who do
  • Transwoman Sherlock finding the courage to reveal her past to John when they go out together and tearing up a bit when he says he doesn’t care and that she’s always been a beautiful woman in his eyes
  • Transwoman Sherlock and John lying down on their bed after they’ve made love and John tracing Sherlock’s post-op scars, and her smiling and telling him ”See? I’ve got battle scars as well.” 
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Hey I just wanted you to know that... you were the reason I got on tumblr. And after that i tried to follow a lot of people, but after all you're the only one i'm ALWAYS delighted to see on my dash and who never disappoint or annoy me. Short version, you're the best, I will never get tiered of you so please stay just the way you are.
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AHhh, thank you so much! 

I have to tell you that I’m sorry for holding onto this for so long but seriously this is so sweet and I just didn’t want to send it yet because I kept looking at it and ahhhh, it’s been really great. So thank you again for sending and I hope you have a wonderful month and weren’t worried that I didn’t send this out before <3 

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someone once (or twice… or thrice…) asked me to draw teenlock, and I love awkward tiny shorts

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sherlock sleeping on john’s chest amen