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"You’ve made the whole experience seem like some kind of romantic adventure.” -Sherlock Holmes

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this shot though


the way sherlock looks at john i’m done

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I want John to be in danger or get shot or stabbed or something and he’s having a hard time breathing and Sherlock’s beside him saying “I was wrong breathing is not boring, you have to keep breathing”.

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SHERLOCK (TV) + Social Media Johnlock Vacations Edition



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OtterConsultingDetective, thank you for the request!  Sorry I forgot the mustache!

Week 9.7

I did a thing.  This is the most complicated animation I’ve done in a while, and is of course inspired by the Risky Business scene.

I hope the week ‘end’ is being good to all of you.

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BBC Sherlock meets tumblr

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John and Sherlock Inspired Friendship Necklaces! 

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