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A screencap redraw from TBB (with a close up)!

This has always been one of my favorite shots. So cozy and domestic uwu

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*season 10. john and sherlock have been married for five years and live in sussex with their bees*

sherlock: but do you like like me

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fics where sherlock and john get “married” when they are little

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Just imagine pilot verse. Doing the same things but together. John waking up a sleepy sherlock with mischievous tickly kisses to the inside of his thigh. Sherlock yelps and chuckles and they wrestle a bit before Sherlock pins John down and kisses him good morning. Sherlock picking John up from work. Both of them at Regent's park not doing anything in particular, maybe even on their phones but being together, holding hands with their little fingers. (1/2)
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(2/2) John and Sherlock brushing past each other at home. John being able to reach out and ruffle Sherlock’s hair whenever the fancy strikes him. Sherlock observing John’s face as he sleeps, tracing little lines on his face and smiling as John smiles unconsciously. John and Sherlock in love, with nothing standing between them.

it is a truth universally acknowledged that in pilot verse it was john and sherlock’s wedding at the same time as the wedding in tsot <3


Are you both trying to kill me? This is everything. Everything.

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for those people who say the knee grope wasn’t sexual/didn’t mean anything:

remember a scandal in belgravia when Irene (someone who could/can be viewed as a love interest for Sherlock) was in John’s chair?



is it just me or do these shots look kinda similar? and we know what was on Irene’s mind … 

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Sherlock’s face when he thinks John was hitting on him in A Study in Pink. He has this sudden realization and you can see it all on his face - wait a second, he asked about a boyfriend twice because… he was coming on to me. He’s trying to go out with me.

And then he lets John down really gently. That’s pretty out of character for him in this moment - he’s busy with a case, he’s already shown himself to be abrasive and rude, he’s still in that process of becoming a “good man”, yet he lets John down with kind words and a soft voice.

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 Totally made-up Johnlock scenes.

(I blame her tag on this post)

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Johnlock in the game Sherlock: The Network


There was a LOT more Johnlock in the smartphone game Sherlock: The Network than I was expecting. Like… a LOT, LOT. Spoilers for the game below the cut.

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